Welcome to www.KittyShrink.net, the web’s wise, sassy, savvy feline psychologist for humans who often must interact with humans who sometimes act like beasts.

Whenever you need an objective third-party to provide a different perspective for dealing with annoying people at work, being appreciated more at home, getting your way more than merely occasionally, looking and feeling beautiful, standing up for yourself, making a better life for yourself and your furry little friends… come visit me. I’ll also be offering some insightful opinions on just about anything. You’ll see.

I’ll be answering some of the most typical as well as thought-provoking queries I receive each week to lend a hand. Now what could be more purrr-fect than that? I mean, you’ll get free advice! And some of it may even be good, too.

I’ll also get more animated as the weeks progress and we start to see eye-to-eye. Just remember when you start to feel like it’s you against the world… don’t fret. You’ve got kittyshrink.net.

For now, the doctor is in. Here are our first dilemmas:

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Worth Thanking
Dr. Lawrence Zola
Dr. Lawrence ZolaThis is Dr. Lawrence Zola of the University Animal Hospital in New York City. (I don’t know the patient he’s shown with.) He has saved my life at least five times. I was born in a kitty mill and was taken from my mother at a much too young age. I developed kennel cough. Fast forward…now I have just turned 20. That’s probably about a hundred in people years. Read More…


Let’s talk
life, love, whatever…

Ben from Manhattan: Would my mentor actually ax me!?

Our group VP hired me originally and has taken me under his wing and become a very helpful role model and champion for me at our ad agency. He confides in me

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Let’s talk
animal companions

Frank from Cleveland: My friend is brooding far too long over the death of her cat. She should get over it! It’s been over 6 weeks. What can I do to make her snap out of it?

It’s always sad to learn of the passing of one of my own kind.

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Let’s talk
beasts at work

Suzanne from LA: I am an exceptional graphic designer and a large client of mine is nickel and diming me to death. I had a great relationship with this company for many years but turnover there has put me working with a real ninny. He is constantly haggling over bills.

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Let’s talk
beauty and health

From Jewel in New Jersey: I have noticed that I am not as cute now as I was in my 20’s. And not even as attractive as many of my friends.

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Reviews & Opinions

Music, Theatre, Online, TV, current events & more.
Waiting for Godot
Waiting for GodotJeff from New York City: I recently went to the Roundabout Theatre’s performance of “Waiting for Godot.” I think I really enjoyed the first act. But I didn’t understand Act II. What gives? KittyShrink, what do you think?
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Great Pet Videos & Stories
mayor cat video
NY Times Video

Virginia from Virginia:Can you suggest some fresh pet videos & stories – not the same old stuff on YouTube?

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Neko Atsume

Gigi from Paris: I have become completely obsezzed by an app called Neko Atsume. Do you know how eet works and why eet eeze impossible for me to put down? S’il vous plait?Ah so. I understand the obsession completely. Neko Atsume (which means Kitty Collector) is an irresistible little app developed in Japan that allows you to


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Worth Helping

Organizations worthy of your support.
Green Chimneys Where the kids rescue the animals…and vice versa.
French Bulldog Rescue Network


Happy Birthday to…ME!! I’m 20 !!Well, I’m just as shocked as you are that I’ve made it to the age of 20. Some say an Abyssinian’s life expectancy can be about 12-15 if they’re lucky. It’s hard to say exactly what’s contributed to my longevity.

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Ask Kitty Shrink

Can’t get no satisfaction?
Ask KittyShrink…
Ask Kitty ShrinkIf you’re facing a difficult or annoying situation with humans who often act like beasts – and could use some objective advice – just click on the paw and tell me about the problem. I’ll be sharing some novel approaches to dealing with many of the most unusual as well as some of the most helpful dilemmas. There’s no problem too big or too small for KittyShrin