This is Dr. Lawrence Zola of the University Animal Hospital in New York City. (I don’t know the patient he’s shown with.) He has saved my life at least five times. I was born in a kitty mill and was taken from my mother at a much too young age. I developed kennel cough. Fast forward…now I have just turned 20. That’s probably about a hundred in people years. The last year or so have been very tough. I get sub-Q fluids for my kidney disease. I take amlodipine for my high blood pressure (so I won’t go blind or get a detached retina). I take Cidofovir for my FHV eye problems. But I can still jump up on the bed to snuggle with my human companions. (They are getting me some carpeted stairs, but the small step stool and ottoman are fine for now.) I know when I go that it will be very hard on them. Probably harder than it will be for me.

But Dr. Zola has given me super care. He explains the realities to my human companions as their eyes well up with tears. But Dr. Z is very compassionate and willing to try an alternative therapy if the first or second lines of defence somehow don’t work. He says at this point we should just take things one day at a time. And that sounds reasonable to me. After all, that’s what life is all about.

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