Jeff from New York City: I recently went to the Roundabout Theatre’s performance of “Waiting for Godot.” I think I really enjoyed the first act. But I didn’t understand Act II. What gives? KittyShrink, what do you think?

Jeff, I couldn’t agree with you more. I snuck backstage at the theatre under the pretext of controlling the mice population and had a chance to watch a recent performance up close and personal – a cat’s eye view as it were. In presenting a story that is largely about nothingness, they certainly seemed to find the brighter side of despair. As always, Nathan Lane, simply has to open his mouth and I laugh, in my own subtle, catlike way. But in this case a certain sadness would prove a chaser to each grin. His character’s apparent short term memory loss (STML) was surely the only thing that kept him going in the face of hopelessness and desolation like that. STML and maybe the company of Bill Irwin – who seemed the best choice of a companion out of the whole lot of four if you were to have to spend eternity with any of them.  Act II made my kitty brain spin. The meaning of life…or the lack of control over life…of chance…and waiting…of fortunes reversed…of who’s watching Bill Irwin sleep though he thinks he’s awake while watching Nathan Lane sleep. Oh yawn. What a brain drain. Time for a bowl of milk. Or did I just have one…it was today, wasn’t it?

Next week KittyShrink will review a popular, tasteless, mainstream movie.

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